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ian lam, denturist


Native to the BC interior, Ian grew up in Clearwater near Kamloops. Having previously worked as an ambulance attendant and as a Registered Nurse, he has vast knowledge of the care required when treating his patients. Ian graduated from the Denturist program with honours and twice received the Denturist Association of BC Scholarship from Vancouver Community College. Being healthy and active is an important part of Ian’s life. He enjoys most sports including; tennis, skiing, sailing and hockey. And, yes he makes customized sport mouth guards. Ian has traveled extensively around the world highlighted by a two year English teaching excursion in Dalian, China. When Ian is not busy improving smiles he is enjoying life with his daughters Corinne, Sasha and Jolie. Come in and join his family of satisfied customers.

zabrina legault, denturist Intern


Since the young age of 4, Zabrina has been proud to call Victoria home. By the age of 13, Zabrina already had a strong sense that she wanted a career in health care that would allow her to help people.  In 2003, she began this quest by working at the James Bay Square Denture clinic with her future husband Christopher and quickly realized, being a Denturist could fulfill her career goals.

Zabrina developed her skills and gained valuable experience in the profession as she managed the on-site dental lab. In 2011, she took the plunge and enrolled full time in the Denturist program in Vancouver.  After successful completion of the program, she returned to Victoria in 2013 to practice as a Denturist Intern. Zabrina utilizes her extensive knowledge in the lab and pairs it with a caring, compassionate and methodical approach to her treatment in order to provide her clients with the best possible care.  

Outside of the office, Zabrina’s major passion is travel. Preferring low cost eco style travel, Zabrina has made her way through Europe, parts of Central America and Asia. Her most recent adventure took her backpacking throughout India for 11 weeks. In her own words, “I appreciate the richness that different cultures provide.” Zabrina explains that immersing herself in these cultures is her way of celebrating their unique beauty and importance in the world. “Every time I am immersed in a new culture, I experience growth.”

Zabrina is excited to join Royal Jubilee Denture Clinic and contribute in providing excellent personalized patient care and quality service.