What is a Denturist?

 A Denturist is a "denture specialist" trained and licensed for the fabrication of removable prosthetics replacing your missing teeth. We can perform intraoral procedures in order to make, repair or refit dentures. You do not require a referral from your Dentist to make an appointment, although we do work closely with many Dentists during specific treatments.

How long does a denture last?

Although everyone has different denture needs, on average, a denture lasts approximately 7-10 years.

How long before I require a reline or rebase?

People usually require a reline after 2-3 years due to the gradual bone loss along the supportive ridges of your jaw. The changes occur slowly and are therefore not obvious until after the reline has been completed.

Why do we need dentures?

To provide a chewing surface, restore facial support naturally provided by the teeth (reducing wrinkle lines), improve speaking, eliminate unnecessary strain on the TMJ, to keep natural teeth from drifting into open spaces where teeth are missing and lastly, to improve your smile and confidence.


how do I clean my dentures?






It is best to rinse the denture and your mouth with water after meals to stop food from migrating under the denture and causing soreness. In the evening brush your dentures with a soft brush using a designated denture cleaner or a mild soap.  Tooth paste, bleach or abrasive products should not be used.  The soap will eliminate any food and grease substances but will not remove stains built up from long-term use of coffee, tea, red wine, smoking or calculus build up.  For this you need to soak your dentures in a denture cleaner available at most pharmacies or grocery stores.  Dentures should be soaked daily to avoid stain build up.  For heavy staining see your professional for ultrasonic cleaning and polishing. We carry Renew and Nu-Dent extra strength cleaners available through Denturists only.

How long will it take to obtain my denture?

On average dentures require 5 appointments and 2-3 weeks to make.


Are Implants for me?

This can be determined by your dentist in conjunction with your denturist. Implants can increase your chewing efficiency by 60% and help reduce bone loss along your ridge. They are easy to maintain and having them placed by your Dentist is a simple procedure.

How do I know if I need new dentures or a reline?

Your dentures and oral tissues should be checked every year by a professional but if you notice excess food collecting under the dentures, looseness, poor suction, worn teeth with poor contact and are having difficulty chewing your food properly then chances are you need to see your professional for an assessment of your dentures.

What makes Royal Jubilee Denture Clinic different?

Experience the difference that details make. We are a service oriented business that guarantees your satisfaction and the perfect fit. Our clinic is designed to promote calm, peace and comfort from the minute you walk in. And, we will ensure your comfort throughout your entire experience with us. We have a state of the art clinic with the most modern equipment available. In addition to producing standard dentures we specialize in Precision dentures which inevitably have fewer adjustments and create a superior product of higher quality.