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“Thank you Ian for the SUPER job you did on reducing my partial plate. It fits just perfect. I am able to eat much better and my mouth feels better, fuller, jaw stays in place. I am very happy with the job you did, and to top it off your office is very relaxing and your personality is wonderful.”
— Helen K.

“Thank you Ian for the time and quality you spent on my teeth and smile from the start to finish of my dentures. I had myself a nice crisp apple and truly enjoyed every bite.”
— Louise

“Thanks for your caring work for Trevor. I’m looking forward to seeing his smile!”
— Bruce

“Just want to say THANK-YOU!”
— Hank

“Thank you for the partial! It feels most comfortable and no food gets under it. I most appreciate this.”
— Marie

“Thank you for the excellent service and for getting me in quickly for the perfect repair.”
— Sharon

“I wanted to let you know that my dental appliance fits so perfectly, I often forget to take it out at night! While I was on vacation, there were times when the appliance was in for 3 days and nightst!! When I realized that it hadn’t been out to be cleaned, I would take it out, clean, and put it back in- very simple! Before, I was hesitant to smile because of the missing teeth, but NOW, I love smiling! Truly, A Perfect Fit!! Many thanks.”
— Alyson

“Ian, you did a super job on reducing my partial plate, it fits just perfect. I’m able to eat much better and my mouth feels better, fuller, jaw stays in place. I am very happy with the job you did, and to top it off, your office is very relaxing and your personality is wonderful! Thank you again.”
— Helen

“For 3 days I misplaced my bridge, so for 3 days the food I swallowed was masticated as best I could which was most unsatisfactory. I didn’t realize what a Perfect Fit was, that I could starve, without it.”
— Denis

“A thousand greetings from a beautiful city, middle in Europe. I travel a lot, but it is very difficult without a car. With teeth I don’t have any problem. For now, take care.”
— Laura

“I am enjoying my meals without any hindrance from my teeth.”
— Doris

“Thank you soooooooo much!”
— Christine

“Thanks for doing such an incredible job on my dentures. They are great and I really appreciate the professional job you did for me. Your professionalism is greatly appreciated.”
— Ron

“Just a small note to let you know that I have a “Perfect Fit”. Thanks so much for your great work, and your patience with me.”
— Gisele

“The lower partial you worked on for so long yesterday is a great improvement. I can chew my food properly. It is a wonderful change. Thank you Ian, for helping me with my denture problem.”
— Mary-Mona

“We just wanted you to know how pleased Vern is with the denture you made him. It’s the first time I have ever seen him get new teeth and not have to go back for an adjustment or maybe he gets a bit of sandpaper and does it himself. They look great and he is really pleased with them. I told Ken Blunt how pleased we were because he recommended you. We will definitely refer anyone we know to you when they are in need of new teeth.”
— Marilyn

“A little note to thank you so much for the great job. They fit perfectly. No sores. I sure enjoyed my prime rib roast and also my pork chops. I cannot leave home without them. Again, thanks so much for the great job.”
— Sid

“Many thanks for the excellent job on my dad’s dentures. You worked quickly and efficiently with someone having one tooth left and transported in a wheelchair. The dentures fit perfectly with no need for any adjustments. You made the visits a very positive adventure for which I am extremely grateful!”
— Beverly